Welcome to Un-Plated!

It’s not about what’s on the plate; it’s about the people who got it there.

A note from Un-Plated’s creator, Sabrina Medora—
On October 19th, 2016, I didn’t want to get out of bed. My days that year had been filled to the brim with two primary emotions—regret (wasting the hours doing something I didn’t love with people who liked me even less) and longing (to go out to dinner). I dragged my laptop across the bedsheets, my fingers moved before my thoughts could fully catch up.
 That evening, I was late to dinner. Tucked safely in my purse was a tiny frame that protected a piece of neatly-torn paper. Typed on that piece of paper were the words, “I want to be a food writer.”

Those framed words filled me purpose. I ate voraciously and wrote fiercely. My mid-section and my Instagram account grew rapidly. Six months later, I quit my job.

The rise of food television allowed folks like myself to fall in love with the grit and glamor of food. Publications dedicated to food have turned neophytes into experts. But there’s still too little being done in terms of sharing the real stories of what it’s like to work in and with the restaurant industry.
Un-Plated exists to build deeper connections between the people who work in restaurants and the people who covet the dining out experience. It tells unfettered stories of the warriors, the dreamers, the artists, and the hustlers in and around kitchens.
My hopelessly devoted attitude towards dining out hasn’t changed, it’s broadened. My journey with Un-Plated has turned me from a lover of food to a student of socio-economic policies, agricultural affairs, business development, and the layered depths of the human psyche. I’m no expert, I’m forever learning. But one thing I know—in food, I am discovering the grimness and the grace of our existence.