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Chicago’s Best Come Together for an Indian Food Feast!

August 6, 2019

In their first ever collaboration, Chef Andrew Zimmerman of Proxi and Chef Faraz Sardharia of Tandoor Char House created an Indian Feast.

Proxi is a well-known upscale restaurant serving modern Southeast Asian fare. Tandoor Char House is an authentic family-owned establishment that holds true to Indian and Pakistani tradition while fusing dishes with a modern BBQ flare.

A sneak peek at the action in the kitchen

Un-Plated’s Sabrina Medora offered firsthand perspective from her childhood in India while each Chef spoke to their specific cooking styles and how they created a tailored menu that played to both of their strengths.

Yet another sold out Un-Plated event that left guests wanting for more, it was an incredible introduction for many to try their first taste of Indian cuisine.