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Produce Marketing Association’s Conference 2020

July 20, 2020

On July 20-24, Produce Marketing Association (PMA) held Foodservice: Delivered, its first-ever interactive, immersive digital experience for all segments of the global food service industry that want to win over consumers with memorable menu items that include tasty, nutritious, comforting and colorful fruits and vegetables.

The event featured an enticing menu of activities that attendees can access in live time for the full dine-in experience, so to speak, or can view on-demand if a grab-and-go offering suits them best —or they want to take another look at content at a later time.

Keynote speaker for the conference was Un-Plated’s founder, Sabrina Medora. Medora also curated and hosted several panels during the conference as follows—

MONDAY, JULY 20 (3:50PM – 4:10PM ET)
“Building a Fair and Nurturing Workspace” with Chef Paola Velez and restaurateur Micheline Mendelsohn (watch here)

TUESDAY, JULY 21 (3:50PM – 4:10PM ET)
“Delivery Apps: Friend or Foe?” featuring Washington City Paper’s food editor Laura Hayes, Alinea Group’s Nick Kokonas, and Black and Mobile (watch here)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22 (12:00PM – 12:45PM ET)
“COVID-19 Changed the Foodservice Industry Forever. How Do We Make Sure It’s For the Better?” featuring restaurateur and master sommelier Alpana Singh, Chef Tiffany Derry, restaurateur Brian Canlis, Food & Wine’s Khushbu Shah, and World Central Kitchen’s Chef Tim Kilcoyne (watch part 1 and part 2)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22 (12:50PM – 1:00PM ET)
“Building Better Bridges Within Our Food System” with Chef Rob Connoley (watch here)

THURSDAY, JULY 23 (12:50PM – 1:10PM ET)
“Next-Level Sustainability” with Chef Rob Rubba (watch here)

Un-Plated also debuted an on-demand video featuring Medora and Chef Erick Williams with a discussion on How To Make Our Food Distribution Systems More Localized.